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R-1 Visa

What is a religious worker R-1 visa?

An R-1 visa allows a person to pursue temporary employment in a religious occupation for up to five years. Other visa categories may also apply to religious workers.

Our legal team specializes in visa options for religious workers and can advise you on the best immigration strategy for your church or ministry worker.

Do I qualify?

Religious workers must meet specific requirements in order to qualify for an R-1 visa:

What is the process?

In order to obtain an R-1 visa, the applicant’s employer must first submit an I-129, Petition for Non-Immigrant Worker, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This can sometimes take over five months to process, so it is very important that the prospective employer file as early as possible.

Petitioners who have not had a site visit inspection done in connection with a prior R-1 petition should expect to wait up to one year for an approval.

We work with U.S. employers to counsel them through the intricacies of this process and to ensure that your case is handled correctly, with all the necessary forms and supporting documents.

How do I apply?

Obtaining an R-1 visa can be a complex process for many. If you need assistance with your religious worker case, we have the experience to walk you through the process. Our principal attorney is the immigration counsel for several large religious nonprofit organizations, and she can put that experience to work for you.